Monday, April 30, 2012

Accessing UCM / WCC 11g on Windows 7.

Recently , i got myself a new laptop with Windows 7 running on it. Whatever that may run , i needed the UCM/WCC 11g , installed and running on top of it .

Did not take mach time to install .. got WLS up and running with the status of the UCM_server1 running OK.
Cool .. but when i tried to access the content server screen .. it slapped me with 403--forbidden error.

searched in forums to see few similar posts logged but without much help.
Finally i understood that the manged server wlst script had to be run as a windows Admin .. (Win 7 security feature).

So here it is . .
1. click on the start icon on the Windows 7 machine
2. type 'cmd' in the search slot [bottom, where it says - 'Search program and files']
3. the cmd , with the dos prompt icon is shown
4. right click on it and select the "Run as Administrator"
5. Command prompt opens up and rest is to navigate to the /bin/startManagedServer UCM_server1. .

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